Reading and Writing Tutor, Dr. Mazza

Dr. Mazza tutoring a studentDr. Marie Mazza is a certified teacher and school district administrator with over twenty-five years of experience as an educator.

She has a doctoral degree in Reading, Language, and Cognition and holds New York State teacher certifications in Reading, Special Education, and Elementary Education as well as a license in School District Administration. Dr. Mazza has taught in general and special education settings in elementary schools, secondary schools, and colleges thereby giving her an understanding of students at all levels of learning.

Dr. Mazza also works as an educational consultant to private and public schools. She has developed and presented workshops for teachers in the areas of reading, writing, and special education. Dr. Mazza conducts evaluations, both formal and informal, to prescribe an appropriate course of action. She uses a multi-sensory, eclectic approach when she tutors her students.

In addition, Dr. Mazza acts as an advocate for the individuals with whom she works.