Back to School Preparation for Students

Let’s face it, as much as we wish our students would study over summer break, they never do. School work falls to the bottom of the list, and they often spend their summers watching TV, playing video games, or hanging out with friends. There’s nothing wrong with doing any of these activities, of course, but when September rolls around, it can leave your kids ill-prepared for the coming school year. That’s why we suggest that by early August you and your kids start preparing for back to school with these techniques:

Get them back into their sleep routineBack to School Preparation for Students

Chances are that your kids have been staying up late and sleeping in late for most of the summer. But if this keeps up, they could be in for a rude awakening come September. To make it easier on your student, make sure they get back into their school year sleep routine by gradually waking up earlier and earlier each week of August.

Set out their day-to-day schedule

Figure out what will need to be done each day so that you can plan both yours and your child’s schedules accordingly. For example, set times each day for them to do their homework, to practice their instrument, or to do any other task or chore that needs to be done for the day.

Shop for school supplies

School supplies are a must, and it’s best to get this done earlier rather than later. If your student is in elementary or middle school, they’re likely given a school supplies list. If they’re older than that, then it’ll be up to the two of you to create a list of items they’ll need for the coming school year. You’ll also want to go through any old supplies to see what can be reused, as that can save some serious money in the long-run.

Start refamiliarizing them with last year’s material

Your student has likely forgotten a lot from what they learned last year. So by August, shake off those cobwebs and crack open some of their old school books to refamiliarize them with the material. This will put them a step ahead of most of their peers, and it’ll help them start the school year off on the right foot.

Getting ready for back to school can be a challenge, especially if your child already struggles in school. If that’s the case, then consider contacting Dr. Marie Mazza. As a certified teacher and school district administrator, she’ll be able to help your child succeed in the coming school year. Contact Dr. Mazza here to get started!