COVID-19 Back to School Tips

COVID-19 Back to School Tips

Back-to-school season is always full of excitement and trepidation, but this year there are extra anxieties. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything about how our kids learn at school. And while many of our children are vaccinated, those under the age of 12 are not. This means that we will have to take extra precautions when sending our kids back to school.

Prepare with masks and hand sanitizer

Normally, we send our kids off to school with pencils, binders, and folders. This year, however, they’ll need a few extra items to keep them safe. Many schools still have mask mandates, so your child will need to have at least one mask on-hand. However, we recommend giving them two just in case they lose their first one. Additionally, having a few bottles of hand sanitizer will help keep their hands clean and reduce the risk of contracting germs.

Practice, practice, practice

Your child will be living a different life at school than they would be at home. They will have to be wearing masks, washing their hands more often, and keeping six feet away from other kids. Before the school year starts, take some time to get your child used to the habits they will be taking on in the classroom. Have them practice wearing a mask for longer periods of time and remind them to always clean their hands after touching certain surfaces.

Help manage their anxiety

It’s possible that your child will be quite anxious about returning to school during a pandemic. These feelings are completely normal. Nevertheless, you don’t want these emotions to become overwhelming to the point where your child can’t even concentrate on school. If your child is experiencing any anxiety, help them identify and work through their emotions. This article has plenty of tips for helping children work through pandemic-related anxiety. However, if you find that your child is still struggling, it may be time to visit a therapist.

We are living in difficult times, but that doesn’t mean our children’s education has to suffer as a result. Dr. Marie Mazza offers tutoring services to ensure your child’s educational needs are met. Contact her today to learn more!