Organizational Coaching/Executive Function Intervention

Student reading with organizational coachDr. Mazza provides organizational coaching and executive function intervention to individuals who need assistance improving skills necessary to complete educational tasks. With her expertise, Dr. Mazza understands organizational challenges and develops a course of actions to overcome them.

Organizational/executive function issues:

  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Working Memory
  • Academic Focusing
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning
  • Gathering/Structuring Information
  • Outline Building
  • Study Skills
  • Homework Skills
  • Calendar/Planner Skills
  • Chunking Assignments
  • Checklists

As an organizational coach, Dr. Mazza develops specific individualized lessons targeting the executive function challenge(s). Every lesson is created to include the unique needs of each student.