Student Testimonial by Nicholas P.

A student writing with Dr. Mazza.

Reflecting upon significant events in my life, one that drastically changed me was visiting Dr. Mazza. It all started in the autumn of 2013 when I was in the sixth grade and experiencing difficulties with writing. Overall, I had no clue whatsoever as to what I was doing when I was faced with paper and pencil. Trying desperately to avoid writing, I often procrastinated by reformatting the task over and over again. When I finally (and often reluctantly) started writing, I could only produce short sentences with bland vocabulary. Additionally, I got carried away with the thesaurus utilizing synonyms for nearly every word in order to make my assignment appear sophisticated. Furthermore, I consistently used pronouns in such a manner that they made the text confusing. With techniques such as those, I was bound for disaster.

That all changed when my parents introduced me to Dr. Mazza. First and foremost, she vastly helped me learn how to write. To guide me on this quest, Dr. Mazza introduced me to brainstorming to organize my thoughts prior to writing. She also instructed me how to use myriad unique vocabulary and taught me grammar as we wrote. Similarly, Dr. Mazza helped me to become willing to take writing risks. Furthermore, she changed my resistance to composing narratives and made me comfortable with making suggestions about how we could tackle obstacles. I felt more independent because of my friendly, knowledgeable tutor. Subsequently, I saw my grades skyrocket. I became such a good writer that it boosted my self-confidence. Having taken all of this in, writing has become easy for me, and I enjoy it.