The Benefits of Summer Tutoring

The school year has ended, and the moment your child comes home, they sit down in front of the computer screen and don’t get up for the next three months. Meanwhile, everything they’ve learned is starting to slip away. Sound familiar? If so, it might be a good idea to start thinking about summer tutoring. With summer tutoring, your child can have a summer that’s both fun and productive. Here are the proven benefits of signing them up.

Fill in the GapsThe Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Three months is a long time, and the longer children are out of school, the less they’ll remember. Two-thirds of teachers say they spend at least a month reteaching last year’s material, and if your child is already struggling, it could take longer. Summer tutoring will ensure that a student remembers the material and has more time to understand it.

Get Ahead

After working on the material that they struggled with last year, your child can turn their attention to next year. Summer tutoring can introduce concepts in advance, putting your child ahead of the curve and reducing any stress from learning unfamiliar material later on.

Spark an Interest

With one-on-one tutoring, your child can focus on the topics that truly interest them. Maybe they love building robots, or maybe they enjoy reading about the American Revolution. Whatever their passion, a tutor can incorporate those interests into a lesson plan. Summer provides ample amount of time for your child to not only learn what they should, but to learn what they want as well.

So if you want to enrich your child’s education and get them off the couch in the process, contact Dr. Mazza. Her summer tutoring programs will ensure your child is well-prepared for the coming school year.