Tutoring Services For Elementary Students

Everyone knows that when a child of any age is struggling in school, a tutor can be very beneficial. The school atmosphere is challenging enough that it can affect a child’s self-esteem, but any negative effects can be minimized if parents are proactive. 

When you support your child from the beginning, the chances of success in the academic arena are greater. Here are the top six benefits tutoring offers to elementary-age students.

1. Establish Academic Foundations

Elementary school is designed to give children the building blocks of education for the rest of their lives. They will learn how to read and to do basic math. They must understand concepts as they are presented, or they will quickly fall behind. Unfortunately, many school districts do not step in to help a child until he or she is years behind his or her peers. Tutors assist children with grasping difficult concepts, allowing them to build solid foundations for learning.

2. Build Confidence

Children are eager to please and to be recognized, which is difficult to do if they do not understand concepts. They are also reluctant to ask for help because they do not want to look like failures. Tutors become confidants and safe places for a child to develop skills. A good educator works to build your child’s confidence by allowing him or her to talk about struggles and to learn how to handle them.

3. Create One-on-One Learning

Teachers struggle with the ability to give children one-on-one support in a typical classroom setting. When there are many kids in a single setting, peer pressure and multiple voices often prevent a student from asking questions. This can cause anxiety in even very young children, especially if they feel others know answers that they do not. Tutors provide the one-on-one time desperately needed to explain more complex concepts in a way a child understands.

4. Reduce Anxiety in Learning

Unfortunately, it is common for a child to feel pressure about struggling with learning in a public environment. Peers often tease other students, and a child can sense frustration from his or her own parents. These events can foster feelings of anxiety that the child is not smart enough, and he or she might shut down. Anxiety can also lead to many other health problems. If you hire a tutor for your child from the earliest signs of trouble, he or she will learn that it is okay not to understand everything right away or even at the same speed as his or her peers.

5. Use Strengths to Boost Weakness

When a parent considers hiring a tutor, it is often because his or her child is struggling with a particular weakness. However, tutors can assist a child by using their strengths that come a little more easily to help boost their weaknesses. They use a child’s strong areas to learn techniques to strengthen his or her weaknesses. 

When a student is having difficulty understanding or grasping a concept, it can be very tiring. The child often shuts down as a result, feeling frustrated and defeated. Therefore, by taking breaks the child enjoys, he or she is rewarded naturally without disengaging the brain completely.

6. Foster Parent/Child Relationships

Parenting comes with enough struggles that battling with homework time should not be one of them. When children return home from school and after-school activities, parents are already drained from work. It is then time for dinner and bedtime routines, never mind caring for other children in the house. Therefore, by hiring tutors to step in with the homework, parents can spend more time loving their children and meeting household needs.

Every child learns differently and should never feel like he or she is a source of frustration. With more kids learning remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to help your child. Tutors give children confidence and offer parents resources to help their children be successful. When looking for a tutor who conquers these areas with an individualized plan, Dr. M makes an ideal choice. Whether it is organizational tools to help children learn time management or private assistance with homework, Dr. M ensures your child’s needs are met with confidence. Contact us today for more information on our tutoring services for elementary school students.