Why it’s Important to Develop Writing Skills Young

A cartoon boy holds a giant pencil

Writing is one of the most important fundamental skills children develop in their early schooling years. Writing is the foundation of communication. Learning to do it well is absolutely vital, and it’s best to do so at as young an age as reasonably possible. Good writing skills will come in handy throughout your life, and will have other benefits for young minds.

It Goes Hand-in-Hand with Reading

Kids learn to read and write at similar times in life. They then develop those skills alongside each other for years inside and outside of school. But unlike say, biology or learning to dribble a basketball, these two skills are actually intertwined. Doing one well will help you improve the other. The more you read, the better chance you have to become a good writer and vice versa. And both skills will be absolutely crucial for most of your life.

It’s a Skill for Life

Writing is a skill you build on over the years. You start out with your name, then other words and then complete sentences. From there you move to paragraphs and then essays. Before you know it, you’re writing college application letters and 20-page thesis papers. Writing will then, at some level, likely be at least a small part of what you do for a living. Even if that just means composing emails to colleagues, it’s an important aspect of inter-workplace communication. Helping a young person develop their writing skills early will ensure they never fall behind, but instead get ahead.

It Will Help You Organize Your Thoughts and Express Yourself

Even as an adult, your thoughts can be a jumbled mess, especially when you are busy or stressed. Writing helps you organize those thoughts into a coherent message. It can help you understand what your think as much as your intended audience. Additionally, writing gives you the opportunity to articulate something you might be afraid to say out loud, which can be a valuable outlet for a young person.

If your child could use some help developing writing skills, consider Learn With Dr. M as a writing tutor. Dr. Marie Mazza will help your child become a better writer by focusing on planning aspects such as brainstorming and outlining, understanding grammar, formulating paragraphs and then proofreading their work when they’re done. Call 516-739-4671 to learn more about her services.